The most expensive states to get married in

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You scored the ring and the amazing partner, and now it's time to plan for the big day. From the perfect dress to the cake taller than a skyscraper, there are a few things you know will probably break the bank. But did you know that you may spend more on your wedding just based on where you live?, a wedding research and forecasting company, gathered data on how much couples spent on weddings in 2018 across all 50 states (and Washington, D.C.). For the 2018 calculations, over 6,000 couples were surveyed, according to the company, and data was also collected from the Census Bureau, Department of Labor, Bureau of Economic Analysis and more to complete the picture.

Here is how much the 20 most expensive states, plus Washington, D.C., spent on average, along with how prices compared to the median household income according to Lendingtree.

#21 Maine: $26,211

With a tidal shoreline longer than California's, there are many underrated beach towns in Maine that would make a great wedding spot for $26,000. However, when compared to the median annual household income of $56,277, residents of the Pine Tree State actually spend about 46% of their income to wed in their state.

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#20 North Dakota: $26,774

North Dakota is one of the happiest states in America, but it's not exactly cheap to get married there. Couples should expect to spend around 43% of the median household income.

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#19 Utah: $27,095

Home to some of the most beautiful parks in America, Utah is an ideal place to marry for many. But with the average price tag nearing $30,000, couples spend about 39% of the median household income to get married in the Beehive State.

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#18 Minnesota: $27,332

Minnesota is home to one of the coldest cities in the world, and residents might catch a chill down their spines when they hear they're likely to spend around 40% of their annual income on a wedding. photography

#17 Colorado: $27,646

With this state known for its striking mountain landscapes, there's no wonder why couples love to wed in Colorado. As far as destination weddings go, it might be among the cheaper options, but residents can expect to spend about 40% of their median household income on nuptials in-state.

#16 Delaware: $28,067

Delaware is full of history as the country's first state, and if you're looking to make a little history of your own in the state, $28,000 is going rate for a wedding. That comes out to 44% of the median resident income.

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#15 Pennsylvania: $28,827

Pennsylvania comes in under $30,000 for wedding costs, but that actually translates to 48.7% of a median income for residents. Perhaps a few less shoofly pies at the reception will help keep costs in check.

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#14 Virginia: $29,196

If you can find the best date spot in Alexandria, it shouldn't be too hard to find some of the highest-rated wedding venues in Virginia to make a big day special for just under $30,000. That comes out to 40% of median incomes for people who live in the state.

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#13 Washington: $29,511

There are beautiful places in Washington that only West Coasters may know, and that includes quite a few great places to get married. It will cost about 41% of the median local income, though.

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#12 Vermont: $30,257

Vermont isn't one of the 10 most expensive states to tie the knot in, but it could feel like it to people who live there with the cost clocking in at 52% of income. At least getting married in this New England state could mean some of the best fall foliage in the country as a backdrop, right?

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#11 Rhode Island: $30,861

It's the smallest state, so gorgeous wedding spots in Rhode Island may be places only East Coasters know about. And that comes with a price tag as this list climbs above $30,000 - just under half of a median Rhode Island income.

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#10 California: $31,437

California is home to many of the most expensive travel destinations in America, so it's no surprise that it cracks the top 10 of this expensive wedding locations list. Californians can expect to pay 43% of their median household income if they're looking to get married in their home state.

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#9 New Hampshire: $33,612

New Hampshire is the first of three New England states to sit in the top 10. The perfect destination for a ski-weekend wedding or a romantic adventure through the White Mountains, New Hampshire comes with a hefty wedding price tag: around 45% of the local median income.

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#8 Maryland: $33,755

Perhaps you'd like to marry at one of the oldest hotels in America, or maybe you want a great view of Chesapeake Bay. Either way, it's not going to come cheap at just under $34,000. That comes out to 41% of a median household income to get hitched if you live in Maryland.

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#7 Alaska: $34,298

Did you know that in parts of Alaska, the sun can shine for up to 20 hours during the summer months, leading to freakishly large produce? Wedding bills are pretty large in Alaska, too. The $34,298 price tag eats up 46% of a median annual income.

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#6 New York: $34,315

The Big Apple is not only a great place to spot celebrities, it's also a great place to get married - if you can shell out almost $35,000. New Yorkers end up spending more than half of their median household income tying the knot if they stay in-state.

#5 Connecticut: $35,702

Connecticut kicks off the top five of this list as the first state to crack $35,000 on average for a wedding. After spending 48% of the median income, residents might be eating nothing but the best pizza in America for quite some time.

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#4 Massachusetts: $35,966

There are plenty of spooky things in Massachusetts, like Salem and a haunted hotel you can spend the night in, but none may be spookier than a wedding price tag just shy of $36,000. Residents can expect to spend around 46% of a median household income on the festivities.

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#3 Washington DC: $36,082

Washington, D.C. is the safest major city in America. But lovebirds are not safe from the expensive cost of having a wedding in the country's capital, and residents can expect to spend at least 43% of a median income if they stay local.

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#2 New Jersey: $36,943

New Jersey is home to many popular getaways plus a beautiful boardwalk, lively casinos and plenty of food by the sea. It's not, however, a cheap place to get married. A Garden State wedding costs 46% of the local median household income.

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#1 Hawaii: $37,827

You might want to rethink your dream wedding on the colorful beach of Maui if you're on a tight budget. It's no surprise that these paradise islands are the most expensive state to get hitched in. This state's median household income is $77,765, which means residents spend about 48% of their income on local celebrations. Maine, anyone? The growing price tag is just one of the many ways weddings have changed over the years.


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