Recipes You Need to Cook This Week July 22-28

Published 07-21-2018

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It is the end of July, Independence Day has come and gone, and we are squarely in the midst of summer. Tomatoes should be lining the stalls of your local farmers markets, corn will be getting sweeter every day and a cold, crisp wedge of perfect watermelon is sure to hit the spot on those scorchingly hot days.

Here are five great recipes that are perfect for this time of year and will ensure that your culinary inspiration doesn't dampen even if your kitchen is beginning to feel like a sauna!

Tomato Carpaccio

This simple but exquisite recipe will make full use of any ripe tomatoes you find. As an added bonus, it doesn't require any cooking, so it's perfect for days when you need to eat something delicious while simultaneously staying cool.

Chicken Salad Lettuce Wraps

These tasty chicken salad lettuce wraps are a great alternative to a classic chicken salad sandwich. They are fresh, crunchy and full of flavor. There's sweetness from grapes and great crunch from celery and walnuts, and a dash of hot sauce adds just the right amount of spice.

Instant Pot Smoky Ribs

Delicious smoky ribs don't need to be left until the weekend with this speedy recipe. The benefits of using a multi-cooker for this recipe are twofold. Not only does it cook the ribs in a fraction of the time a traditional barbecue or oven would take, it also doesn't heat up the house, so it's a win-win.

Cotija Mexican Corn

If you've never tried this Mexican-style corn before, then do yourself a favor and make it right away. It is out of this world. With a thin layer of mayonnaise, some grated cotija cheese and a sprinkling of lime juice, you will be blown away by the combined flavors this recipe has to offer.

Peach Caprese

This caprese highlights the wonderful ingredient that is a perfectly ripe peach. Paired with creamy mozzarella, this salad not only looks stunning but tastes incredible as well. Use the best peaches you can find and the highest quality mozzarella you can get your hands on; this salad is so simple that the quality of the ingredients you use will make all the difference.

Use these wonderful recipes alone or with each other for a week that is guaranteed to be full of flavor. They are easy to make, so you won't be sweating in the kitchen. When the mercury rises use the recipes above or these 20 no-cook dishes to make weeknights way easier to handle.

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