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Mexican tourists leaving the city for Easter were attacked at gunpoint and the state police fought a shootout on the main highway in Acapulco. The State Department warned travelers not to stay in the city, where federal and state police have taken control of local police forces.

Mexican national Esteban, who lived in Fresno, California, collapsed and jumped to his aid, administered mouth-to-mouth and put a towel over his mouth to stop the bleeding. A security guard was also beaten to death, his fingertips mutilated, shot by a doctor and shot in the head.

After Morelos' death, the struggle for independence continued, and Vicente Guerrero eventually became the movement's strongest leader. After Mexican independence, Guerrero was appointed governor of the southern region of Mexico, where he fought fiercely for the creation of a federal republic. The presidency of Miguel Aleman (1946-1952) contributed to the economic development of the state, especially in Acapulco. Many new assembly plants were built, which brought in additional revenue for the state and came into force in 1994.

Today, most of the production is in Acapulco, with the exception of a few small production sites in Mexico City and the state capital.

It is an air-conditioned shopping centre with shops such as Guess, Izod, Bronce and swimwear and is a popular shopping strip. It opened at the end of 2008 and had 744,485 (6939 - 6992) in its first year of operation. Brand names include Gucci, Zara, Giorgio Armani, J. Crew, H & M, T-Mobile, Gap, Banana Republic and many more.

Aapulco and Ixtapa are popular seaside destinations, while Taxco is an old colonial silver mining centre known for its silver processing and handmade crafts. Leather processing is found in Buena Vista de Cuellar, which won a national competition for its work. While the goods are made in Guerrero and other parts of the country, the state's main artisan market is located in Acapulaco, with shops such as Gucci, Zara, Giorgio Armani, H & M, Bronce and many more.

The tourist area offers some of the most spectacular beaches in the country, but it is also a virtual shooting range where gang warfare occasionally spreads to the streets and sand around. Besides the beautiful beach, Acapulco offers diving sites, swimming with dolphins and a variety of restaurants, bars and hotels.

The tour guide hired by Tiangui also fears for his safety: "I am staying in Acapulco because my wife and elderly parents can't move," he told reporters as he drove in and out. When asked if it was safe in Acapulaco, the director of the advertising agency AcAPULco replied that "the cartel is fighting on the streets."

Attendees at Tiangui's are more concerned with the PR aspect, arguing that the cuts have limited the government's ability to counter the damaging press, even though Mexico has seen a 15 percent increase in homicides this year. The biggest problem is not violence, but the daily bloodshed that is reported: Mexico is hardly resisting the devastating news, and some are not afraid to post images of mutilated bodies.

Mexican artists are also represented by well-known Mexican artists, for example the Guerrero-born painter and sculptor Jose Antonio de la Cruz.

The famous mural painter Diego Rivera also spent some of his time in Acapulco, and you can visit his house and see his work. The gallery shows works by the most famous artists in the world, including Salvador Dali and Alexander Calder, but there are also original works and reproductions. His work has appeared in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and The Wall Street Journal.

The San Juan district of Chilapa, for example, specializes in geographic motifs and glazed ceramics, and the city of Acatlan in toy figures. In the surrounding area there are a number of art galleries with works of precious and semi-precious stones, as well as works by artists from the surrounding cities of Puebla and Guerrero.

Four bodies were discovered in a mass grave near the Simon Bolivar colony, and two bodies washed up on the beach in the town of Acapulco, a few kilometers from the city of Chilapa. The victims were reportedly put in sleeping beds, but the murder received little attention as the famous site in Acacia is a cliff where cliff divers plunge into the Pacific Ocean and land on the bodies of their victims.

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More About Acapulco