Acapulco, Mexico


Acapulco de Juarez commonly known as Acapulco is the Mexico’s largest beach and largest city in the state. In a southern bay of Mexico City and has been Mexico’s oldest parts. There is also a Hollywood movie Made on this city “Fun in Acapulco” in 1963.


  • CAPILLADELA PAZ: Translated as chapel of peace, this is a beautiful little chapel in the hills of Acapulco. You will get a feeling of secreting with a gorgeous panoramic view of Acapulco bay.
  • LA QUEBRADA: This place is famous for cliff driving and people come from far away to see that. If you are not a fun of stunt then you can enjoy the food and drink of lovely restaurants there with beautiful scenic views of this location.
  • PUNTA DIAMANTE: This is one of the best beaches in Mexico because of its beautiful location. ATV’s vendors selling clothes and jewelleries and also provide excellent services.
  • EL FUERTE DE SAN DIEGO: Translated as fort San Diego, it is a beautiful and important fort placed front of an Acapulco’s bay. The port and relics of antique ships that are bought from manila to here
  • MURAL DIEGO RIVER: This mural is one of the most important culture artefacts. Diego did these murals at the house of the winds owned by patron and lover.
  • BARRA VIEJA BEACH: “Barra Vieja Beach” is one of the most traditional sites that exist in Acapuleo. It has the most traditional local sea food restaurants.
  • ISIA LA ROQUETA: A beautiful glass bottom boat will take you around and highlight some important landmarks. There are many activities like fishing which give you relax.


  • RESTAURANT LA CONCHA ACAPULCO: The delicious place is from walking distance of the street of Acapuleo, the service is excellent.

PAITITI DEL MAR RESTAURANT: Lovely atmosphere outdoor with so many plants that feel like indoor. Delicious salsa with varieties of foods is serving. 

  • LA FINCA ACAPULCO: Outstanding service with excellent surrounding. They serve best lobster, octopus and drunken shrimp.

MARISOS EL SIRENTIO: Nice service and good food quality. Great place for having sea food, excellent taste and very good price.


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